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LÜM's social media and music streaming platform empowers creators to:

Promote your music, videos, photos, and more

Receive direct financial support from virtual gifting

Connect directly with your followers

Collaborate with other creators

Upload unlimited music for free. No distributors

Participate in exclusive competitions for Notes and exposure

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How it Works


Upload Your Music & Content

Tell your story every time you upload music, share a video or post a picture.


Invite Your Fans and Followers to Support You

LÜM is here to help monetize your fanbase. Share your profile and use #SupportMeOnLÜM

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Music Coming Soon? Drop it Early on LÜM!

Instead of having your fans pre-save your music, drop your music #EarlyOnLÜM, and invite your fans to gift you.

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Collaborate and Network with Other Creators

Find like-minded creators to collaborate with and cross-promote your music to new fans!


A Music Marketplace

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